Chuck Evans is one of the most sought after coaches on the planet!

But wait a minute!  Who cares, right!

Well in addition to coaching golf, in my previous life I’ve been a musician – bass player/lead vocalist and travelled all around the the country playing in “juke joints” from coast to coast!

I’ve travelled Southeast Asia, courtesy of Uncle Sam, and lived in all but 3 states…Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

I’ve had experiences that I remember, and some that I’ve not remembered…but was told about later!

I’ve spent my whole life searching…

…for secrets.  Secrets that many don’t want to be found or told.

For instance, golfers are always asking, “What is the secret to golf?”  And there are a number of coaches saying that they have it. 

Musicians ask, “What is the secret to song writing?”  Writers ask, “What is the secret to grab the reader?”  Actors ask, “What is the secret to this character?”  So on and so on.

Or how about Scully and Mulder from the X-Files.  

Mulder always said, “The truth is out there.” 

Mulder wants to believe and Scully is totally skeptical. 

What is the truth?